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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oral Sex Part II & Anal Sex

A friend of mine was sharing with me what the Lord showed her concerning this matter. However, what I'm about to share, you and your spouse must still go before God and seek what is pleasing to the Father.

"It's a unclean act. Think about it. You are engaging your mouth on the most dirtiest part of the body. Let's be real. For women, blood, good, bad bacteria, yeast, urine just to mention some excrete from our vagina. For the husband to put all that in his mouth is not clean. That is an unclean area. For men, urine bacteria, and bathroom germs are on his penis. And his semen is not food. Your body is God's temple. you are defiling it when perform these acts. You are defiling God's mouth piece. Waste comes out of there with 100s of bacteria. Think of it as this. Would u want your child performing those oral acts. Picture them in your head you daughter or son engaging oral sex on the most dirtiest part of the spouse body. You will be yelling and screaming at them. That's fifthly! Now imagine them coming over to kiss you, yeck! So imagine how God feels. After we perform oral sex and then later pray or worship God, whether it's home or church. Yes, it's a sacrifice however you must be willing to sacrifice that area to God. That's not the God's way, that's the way of the world. Now kissing all over the body is fine."

Again, pray and seek God. He'll show you when you are ready to receive. TRUST me readers, I fought this and was trying to find every loop hole and excuse. I enjoy it orally, however, the Lord is showing me more and more. Not saying I totally quit, but I know how God feels about it and taking it day by day to do better and free of the world's way.

While I'm on the subject, let's talk about anal sex! I'm going to share with you guys what the Lord said to me years ago....Just common sense, you are hurting the body but at the time I didn't get it. Your anal was not design for that. I personally experienced extreme pain when using the bathroom and I clearly remember what the Lord said to me in the bathroom, "that is not My will, you are interrupting the function of how your anal is suppose to work." I would be unable to use the bathroom for a week and when I did I was bleeding to and when I saw the blood the Lord spoke again and said, "do u see that? How is that acceptable in my eyes?" "You are abusing My temple." Needless to say, the Lord didn't have to tell me twice. It's a very painful act, but I did it because of FEAR from the world and what naysayers said, "some husbands have cheated on their wives because the wife didn't allow him to do it in her anal. Or husband will got to prostitute so they can have anal sex. I heard the stories how good looking wives were cheated on because they wouldn't do the act. So that was always a fear of mine that hubby will cheat. So I allowed him...well guess what...he cheated anyway, hahahhahaha! Can't please man, so please GOD!

Yours truly,


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

saying oral sex is wrong does not balance the statement that kissing all over the body is right. There are some part of the body that is dirty based on your reasoning for no oral sex.

Many people give different interpretation to this issue. I wonder what Jesus would have answered or Paul if the question arose in the church.

What went through my mind when i read the first couple of lines was "its not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out of him".

Another take home from this post is the concept of people indulging in oral sex or anal sex or any other sexual practice because of fear; fear of the other partner going elsewhere to find such satisfaction which shouldnt be so.

still on the case....I think one should be able to hear directly from God whether its right or not, and whether the response refers to the specific individual or a general rule

Anonymous said...

ummm, ok mommy. I cant comment on this issue....hahaha

Lady A said...

@Naijagirl, EXCATLY! Thats why I say over and over "SEEK GOD ON THE MATTER" What may work for one couple may not work for you!!!
@Oyin, lol, you are too SWEET! Like I said in so many words, to each it's own! The entry was what a friend of mine said, not me.

Anonymous said...

I went to a church and the visiting pastor(woman) totally condemned oral sex...in my mind i was thinking just because it doesnt work for you doesnt mean you should condemn it...

I also do not agree with this post that oral sex is bad for a married couple.When a man and a woman are married they are ONE and they can do what they please with each other as long as it is not injurious to one of the partners or one of the partners doesn't feel good doing it (thats my own thinking)..
I know not everything is permissible by God in marriage but saying because it is a dirty part of the body just doesnt cut it for me...for a woman this is the same part of body God choose to continue the world with so i dont think it as bad as the post has described it..yes his semen is not food...but then you can also argue that saliva is not food when you are kissing... and if one is trying to say let body organs stick to what they were originally meant for then it can be said that one's hubby to is not suppose to suck on the breast after all he isnt your baby that one is nursing-abi?..
Ok so the nose is also a "dirty" part of the body mucus and all... but still mothers use their mouth to remove mucus from their babies noses?(lol....ok i know this may not make sense here)
I think because sex is meant btw two pple that are married they should have the ability to do LOTS and LOTS of things without any inhibitions...things that you wouldnt do with other people but your spouse ALONE.

You are VERY right when you said seek God...every Christian couple should seek the face of God in all aspect of their relationship including sex!What works for one person may not work for another!!!

Lady A said...

@Pink, go girl! You need to go to law school. Lol, yes, I was one of those mothers who sucked the child's mucus, lol! Nasty! But whatever!
Oral sex is not SIN, however, in some marriages that area is a sacrifice b4 God.
Yeah, so true, seek God. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed it!