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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Are Vibrators Permissible?

Some couples enjoy incorporating the use of sexual aids such as vibrators into their lovemaking. To find out if the use of vibrator is right or wrong, let’s apply the three questions. Is the use of a vibrator prohibited by Scripture? Is a vibrator beneficial in lovemaking? Does the use of a vibrator involve anyone else?

As we look at the list of ten prohibitions, we see that there is no scriptural reference that would prohibit the use of a vibrator. So if a vibrator enhances a couple’s lovemaking and is used exclusively for the couple’s private enjoyment, then it is permitted. Does this mean we are suggesting you run out and buy a vibrator? No. Again, we are not recommending any sexual practice. We are only trying to help you discern what is best in your marriage as you seek the wisdom of God.
Obviously videos did not exist during biblical times, so we will not find “Thou shalt not watch X-rated videos” in Scriptures. (The same is true for vibrators.) But as we read through the list of the ten prohibitions, a red flag is raised. In number two on the list, adultery is defined as “looking on a woman to lust” whether the woman (or man) is on a video, in a picture, or in the living flesh. Secondly, number four on the list describes impurity as “moral uncleanness.” X-rated would qualify as “morally unclean,” thereby making them something God would disdain.

Now let’s apply the questions:
• Are X-rated videos prohibited by Scripture? Yes, based on (2) and (4).
• Are X-rated videos beneficial? Anything that promotes “moral uncleanness” is not beneficial.
• Do X-rated videos involve someone else? Yes. You bring the man or woman on the video into your lovemaking.

Based on these answers, we could conclude that God wants us to stay away from X-rated videos.
We have considered three “gray areas,” oral sex, vibrators, and X-rated videos. There are many others. We encourage you and your husband to prayerfully seek God’s wisdom, study the list of ten prohibitions, and use the three questions to help you discern what to do in your specific situation.
As Christians we are simultaneously free and responsible. We are responsible to seek the best of the one we love, to think more highly of him and his desires than our own (Philippians 2:3-4). But we are also free to explore new territories of sexual delight.
According to Dr. Lewis Smedes, “The Christian word on trying out a sexual practice that is not prohibited in Scripture is ‘Try it. If you like it, it is morally good for you. And it may well be that in providing new delight to each other; you will be adventuring into deeper experiences of love.’”
God has given you great freedom in your sexual relationship with your husband. Remember His words to Solomon and Shulamith: “Eat, friends; drink and imbibe deeply, O lovers” (Song of Solomon 5:1).
When it comes to vibrators or anything, seek and ask God. My only personal problem with this was what and how I had to get sexual devices for my husband and I. My eyes were exposed to a lot of porn and even certain sex boutiques were totally inappropriate. Next thing you know, your curiosity is sparked up and now you could be introducing unclean/ungodly things in your bedroom. So again, seek and ask God. Somethings don't work for everybody. Love you guys!


Remi, United Kingdom said...


Thanks for the post.

I believe that as a child of God, His holy spirit will direct to what is pure and right. God created sex between husband and wife to be a pleasurable thing. Whatever God creates is good. Which means, when this activity is engaged with a pure mind and heart, it will be perfect.

Also, my take on some 'aids' is that they have been created by those of this world, and they were created with pervertion in mind.

Besides, as something that God has created (sex), I don't think it needs external help to mak better.

And as you mentioned, to go and get this so called aids, one will be exposed to a lot of things... Images are powerful, if care is not taken, these can start to take root and start to grow seed; especially for those who are not really steadfast in the word and ways of God.

Although there is no scripture that lays this out,the holy spirit is the perfect teacher and will guide accordingly.

So in everything, even including love making and sex with the husband / wife, if one is not sure, ask Almighty God.

As usual, a very good one girl...
Have an awesome weekend.. peace and love x

Anonymous said...

Are you saying every time i what a film, I`m bringing the person into my home or the character ?

Lady A said...

@Remi, you couldn't have summed it up better. Thanks!
@Anonymous, read Remi's comment, that pretty much is the root.
Also, it's bait that the devil usess to master you. When you allow eyes to watch during sex with spouse, you're actually allowing a spirit to arouse you. This is beyond what your natural eyes see, it's now spirtual warefare. You are inviting that other person spirit. Have you heard of 'channeling spirits' well hon, that's another way of doing it, but it's not talked about, but it needs to be. Remember the devil is very SUBTLE, so you may not even notice or even have red flags in certain areas in you life. You might be saying, "I'm fine, nothing is wrong with me." But as time goes on you may want to engage in other sexual sin. Porn tapes are like the hugest addiction, I have been there. Heck, I can still recall certain sex scenes, I can replay them in my mind if I choose to. And that was over 15yrs ago (I was exposed as a child). Flee from sin. Watching those tapes is more harm then what you think. More things to say, but I'll do a entry on this, cuz it was a good question you asked.

Anonymous said...

about Oral sex?

Lady A said...

@Pink, I got you, be on the look out.

Anonymous said...

So what about vibrators? Im a single Christian woman and I want to masturbate sometimes. Not with lust, but just to pleasure and unstress myself.

Anonymous said...

So what about vibrators? Im a single Christian woman and I want to masturbate sometimes. Not with lust, but just to pleasure and unstress myself.