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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Demand Respect-Model Self Respect

Respect isn't like parking tickets or taxes-nobody can be made to pay it. Request respect from where you want it and remove yourself from where you don't get it. You can only do that when you already have your self-respect.

Respecting you is not the same as bowing down and in worship before you. To respect you is to acknowledge your significance as a human being of the female variety and in every way to treat you accordingly. Respect is due you simply because you are.

Before you demand respect from others, you'll do well to already possess an accurate appraisal of your own self-worth and constantly demonstrate how much you believe it. Self-respect means treating yourself like a class act and accepting no less then that from others. You do that by the dignified way you carry yourself, the confidence and discretion in your speech and manner, and the obvious finesse with which you move toward people who respect you, and away from those who don't.

Men give you respect in direct proportion to the level of respect you show for yourself. If you have much, he is likely to show much. If you have a little, he'll show you a little. If you have none, he'll certainly match it. You have the power to help him discover that if it walks like a lady, talks like a lady, looks and acts like a lady, it is one...and she must be treated, in all ways, like one.

Dr. Ronn Elmore


Oyin said...

Demanding girlllll...yes!

Lady A said...

@Oyin, lol, u keep me laughing.

naijagirl said...

I agree with this...people will respond to you based on what you show them. If you show yourself respectable, they will respect to you.

keep up the good work

Afrocouture said...

Respect....one may have to learn the respect language of others to be able to thread on the right path of respect.I may think I am according you respect based on my view/definition of respect, but you would think i am not.

Lady A said...

@Naijagirl, yeah, I just wish I did it in my younger years! Thanks!

Lady A said...

@AfroC, Mmmm, I try not to make assumputions of what other ppl may do/think/say/feel, etc.. Everyone has their take on respect. However we all know our boundaries!
Thanks for reading!