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Monday, July 20, 2009

Top Body Language Flirting Signs

Okay, let’s say you’re at a Christian singles group gathering, and there are a bunch of cute guys (Hey, we can dream, right?) in the room. Here are some body language flirting signs to look for:

Body Language Flirting Sign #1: Smiling
When a guy flashes you those pearly whites, (well, we hope they’re white) that usually means he’s pleased to have you in his company. Just make sure he’s smiling at you, and not the girl behind you. Have you ever done that before?

Body Language Flirting Sign #2: Modeling
What? Well behavioural scientists say when someone is body language flirting they subconsciously “model or line up” with the behaviour of the person of interest. Examples here could be having their feet pointed in the same direction, crossing or uncrossing of legs, blinking, cracking knuckles, etc.

Body Language Flirting Sign #3: Making Frequent Eye Contact
Two simple points here: First, all guys (including Christian guys) are attracted by sight, and have a healthy appreciation for the female attributes, including a woman’s eyes, face and figure. If a guy denies this fact, he’s a liar and probably not the kind of guy you want around anyway. Secondly, the eyes often give away the heart’s intentions. There are different types of eye contact you should look out for, depending on the personality of the guy. If you have a sweet, shy guy on your hands, he may attempt to sneak a peak at you without you realizing it. Then when you turn in his direction, he may get red faced, or quickly look in a different direction. The second kind of eye contact is the kind a guy with confidence and boldness will practice. He has no problem making extended eye to eye contact. Do you know the type?

Body Language Flirting Sign #4: Grooming Self
This body language flirting sign includes doing such things as fixing collars, pulling up socks, straightening ties. This is the male ego’s way of preparing himself for the hunt.

Body Language Flirting Sign #5: Strutting
The guy will stand up straight, with shoulders back and chest out. Some single gals I know refer to this ritual as the “Peacock Strut”. Some girls out there are saying, “yep, I’ve seen that before.”Well there you have our top five body language flirting hints that guys will do around girls they like. Being aware of these may help any Christian single girl whose in “the market” for a nice Christian guy.---http://christian-dating-service-plus.com/christian-singles-groups-and-singles.htm


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Oh.. thanks for these!!! hmm, makes me think!! hahaha! Thanks Again for the hints.

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