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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Single and Satisfied

The other day I dropped in on my sister who is single. I found her reading a book and listening to music, curled up in a very comfortable pose on the chaise. She talked about a symphony she was going to attend and an evening of elegance she had scheduled for the following week. i could scarcely get a word in as my sister shared what she had planned to do next.
I thought of how many women come home alone, dead-bolt the front door, and live with the echo of emptiness in the house. maybe their lives don't resemble the pictures of vibrant, loving relationships that are used to market everything. One can hardly pick up a box of tooth paste without seeing images of attractive couples playing on the beach in scanty attire. These ads sell products, but they also sell the idea that happiness depends on the presence of someone else. It's no wonder so many believe that real joy begins and ends with the feel of another person's heartbeat. But one can be in a relationship and still feel alone. And one can be single and never lonely.
So if you find yourself single today, you have lots of company. But there's no need to be lonely. You have given the gift of life and enjoy it you must. Real joy and sustained peace come from within, nourished by a healthy engagement with one's life and comfort with oneself. If you don't enjoy your own company, no one else will either. Fun-loving people attract others because they start the party before any guest arrives.
Are you single and feeling a little blue? Challenge yourself to switch up your routine. Start dating yourself. Take a coworker out to dinner or a play, enroll in dance classes, volunteer in your neighborhood, serve on a church committee, go on a cruise with good friends. If you 're melancholy, see it as an opportunity to broaden your interest, deepen existing relationships, and bolster your faith in God.
Having faith replaces loneliness with the recognition that our lives are divinely orchestrated. Faith seasons the heart with a sense of purpose and the awareness that we are not wandering alone on the planet. Being single is not a perpetual state.


Anonymous said...

Im single...but not yet satisfied. But girl let me tell you that I dumped the married guy for good and Im now ready to be a wife!!

Lady A said...

@Oyin, my boo boo, lol. But I'm glad you kept it real and didn't front with being single and not satisfied. I'm married and not satisfied, so tell me what's worst, lol, lol! Happy for you! Will call u Sunday!

Unbreakable said...

This was well written, i do think we single people need to get out and have more fun, i try but its always mote fun to hang out with someone special.

Lady A said...

T.D. Jakes writes some good stuff! However, I do agree, but for the meantime enjoy your friends til that special one comes along.