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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What Christian Guys Needs In A Wife

This is written by a guy.
I totally disagree with his order of what a man needs..I believe he is if not a baby Christian, then a teenager Christian. Majority of the men I know (good ones) want a Godly supportive wife, basically a Proverbs 31 woman THEN sex.....so I feel you guys with the order.

Most Christian single guys are familiar with the proverb: “Whoever finds a wife finds a good thing.” Amen! In fact, this is a main reason why many single Christian guys seek out online Christian Dating Services. Since the beginning of time, it’s been a good deal for a single man to have a wife. Remember, in Genesis the Lord said, “It’s not good for man to be alone. I will make him a suitable helpmate.” So when the average single Christian guy starts praying for a “suitable helpmate”, what are the top 3 qualities he actually needs?

Christian Guys’ Helpmate/Wife

I know I’m going to get in trouble in some circles for saying this, but the first thing a Christian guy needs in a wife is sex. Lots of sex. Why? Without sex two people cannot become one flesh. God created sex as a wonderful form of intimate communication for procreation and pleasure. He also put an intense desire in man to want to often make love to his wife. He thinks about it frequently, and may even write songs about it (see Song of Solomon). Ladies, the man who tells you he does not have a interest in sex is not practicing heart level communication, or is simply not normal.
Therefore, a suitable helpmate is one that understands her man’s God- created needs, and goes out of her way to satisfy them in godly ways. First Corinthians 7:5 implies that the husband (or wife for that matter) who is satisfied in the marital bedroom is less apt to be tempted elsewhere in other sinful ways.
In my profession and ministry, I cannot tell you how many marriages I saw destroyed on account of the woman under-estimating her husband’s need for sex and/or the husband’s lack of communication on the topic.

A second thing a Christian guy needs in a wife is for her to respect him (Ephesians 5:33). For some reason (I guess we can call it ego) man has this innate need for his wife to respect him, especially in the area of his being able to provide for and protect the family. A man will feel like a total failure if he is lacking in these areas.

If a husband is going through particularly difficult straights in his career and life (ie: job loss, health issues), the wife should take special care of his feelings during this time. When a Christian guy has the respect of his wife, he is energized and can soar to heights unknown. Without respect, his passion fades and he withdraws from life.

The top third quality a Christian guy needs in a wife is for her to encourage him, facilitating a safe haven from the storms of life. From folks like Ruth Graham to Laura Bush, this cliche holds true:”Behind every great man is a great woman.” This kind of woman will not have to worry about her husband wandering because she knows how to “make her house a home” in which her kids and husband love to be (Proverbs 31).

If you are a Christian woman reading this, you may be feeling like, “Hey, how about my needs in marriage?” Remember, the Christian husband is also called to be a helpmate, and to love his wife as Christ loved the church.

Okay, as a single Christian woman or man, you don’t presently have a suitable helpmate. That could be a bummer unless God has specifically gifted you for singleness. However, you can begin to prepare yourself and your future mate by taking some practical steps by faith:

  1. Pray for your future husband or wife on a daily basis, that God would bless them, and cultivate in them just the right qualities that will complement you.

  2. Pray for wisdom, guidance, purity and understanding as the Lord leads you in dating/courting relationships.

  3. Thank the Lord in advance that He will provide for all your needs (Phil 4:19; Psalms 37:4).

Author: Unknown


Anonymous said...

hmmm, sort of what I want out of my man too...hey girlie,left you something on "just me" blog

Anonymous said...

hmmm...I do agree that a christian man wants sex, respect and encouragement from his wife; at least I know my hubby does...lol...I'm just not sure about the order they've been placed, i.e sex 1st, etc...

From my experience, a christian man also needs validation; knowledge/proof that u are with him all the way no matter what, u agree with what he's doing, or if u don't, u present ur doubts in a loving manner that doesn't destroy his ego...

Gee said...

i would have arranged the things a guy wants in thius format;
and den no1...sex.
nice blog!

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

I shall pray those prayers ....Though I am in a relationship I pray the Lord perfects it...

Very interestings wants!! A man will never tell a lady he wants loads of sex ...c'mon or what do you think he would ?

Lady A said...

@Oyin, yeah, I will do one for the women *wink*...will check it out dear!
@Justdoyin, honey I sooo feel you on that. I think what they want is that AFFIRAMTION, VALIDATION, and SUPPORT too. THat's wisdom what you typed, "u present your doubts in a loving manner that doesn't destroy his ego.."I will need your email add, ok, thanks.
@Gee, yup, I agree too! Sex last..
@Ms.FlyHigh, hehee, I give him props for keeping it real with how he felt think it should be...

Anonymous said...

food for thots....what does a christian woman need tho?

sony said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lady A said...

@Pink, girl, I got you...stay tuned...
@Sony, np, I have a weakness for wedding websites, and wedding blogs, lol...I love yours!

Anonymous said...

aint nothing wrong with sex, but being the 1st thing a xtian man wants in a wife?....that ought to spell doom or rather the writer is speaking from his carnal mind

Lady A said...

@Naijagirl, yeah, I agree, that's why I said he's probably a baby christian.