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Monday, May 25, 2009

God's Handmaidens

For single men and women

Some of you do not understand the benefits of being single. In reality, while you're not married, you really out to be involved with God. Single women often forget some very important advantages they have. At five o'clock in the morning you can lie in bed and pray in the spirit until seven-thirty. You can lie prostrate on the floor and worship the Lord without having to answer to anyone. This time in your life is for you to charge up the battery cells. It's time to pamper-time to take luxurious baths in milk and honey. You can lie there in the bath , praising and worshiping the Lord for as long as you want.

Before you ask the Lord for another man, take care of Him. If you are not ministering to His needs, and yet you are always before Him asking Him to send you one of His princes to minister to, your prayers are not being heard because you are not being faithful to Him. When you become faithful in your singleness, then you will be better prepared to be faithful with a husband.

If you disregard the perfect husband, Jesus, you will certainly disregard the rest of us. The Lord wants you to come home at the end of a day and say, "Lord, I went through so much today. I am so glad You're here. I just couldn't wait to get alone and worship You and praise You and magnify You. Tonight is our night. I'm not so busy that I don't have time for You." If you don't have time for God, you don't have time for a husband.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be married. Simply take care of the Lord while you're waiting. Minister to Him. Let Him heal you and loose you, and worship Him. Single women ought to be the most consecrated women in the church. you are the ones whose shadows ought to fall on people and they be healed. You are in a position and posture of prayer. The Lord has become your necessary food. While some married women are dependent on their husbands, single women learn to be dependent on the Lord. God told Joel, "...and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit" (Joel 2:29).

There is a special relationship between God and the single believer. God has a special anointing for the woman who is free to seek Him. Her prayer life should explode in miracles!



Kémi Penélopê said...

I guess one does not know the value of what they have until they lose it...

I remember once when one of my high school teachers told me, "make sure you enjoy your time being single before you get hitch because you will never get it back again..." (I somehow understand what she meant...even though I laught then)

So as a single lady, even if I am waiting for my future Ôkô...I try to enjoy my singlehood...I can decide to take trips to anywhere in the world without being accountable to anyone.

But on the side, I really have to thank you for these inspirational post you share with us singles...You may not know the impact it has on us but I have to tell you that I am learning from it everyday.

God bless your beautiful soul...

Anonymous said...

This is a nice write up.I recall in Undergrad when an older lady in my class was "advising me"; actually she was saying she would advise her daughter not to marry early but to enjoy her single years.
Your single years is time enough for you to focus on God. Paul explained that in his letter to the corinthians

Lady A said...

@Kemi, if I only took heed to my professors. Girl, do all and see all you can in life. Once you get married and have kids, it's a different story.
That was very beautiful and encouraging what you said. Thank you so much, you just don't know what that meant to me.
@Naijagirl, yes indeed. See, I was warned not to, but I did not listen, now I'm married forever. I got married @ 21yrs. So unfortuantly, I didn't get to enjoy my singlehood. Ladies, have fun for me *wink*

Anonymous said...

this is very nice and useful information Lady A...single ladies should definitely enjoy their single years, minister to the Lord, etc. while awaiting their princes...doesn't mean that the fun stops when u get married though; just that u are no longer as "free" to do certain things, as u now have to take ur hubby into consideration...as my hubby likes 2 say "enjoy where u are, on the way to where u are going"...

Lady A said...

@Justdoyin, you are so right, fun doesn't stop after marriage, matter of fact, it's all the more fun. So true to what your hubby said, thanks for the reminder. That was good.

blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hello there!

This is a relevant discussion.

I enjoy being unmarried...so much so that I have spent my entire adulthood as an unmarried person!!

I know that I will marry eventually but I truly feel that there are many phenomenal benefits in my life that I have had because I was not someone's wife. Marriage is a ministry and that involves a very serious and permanent investment of self.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

simeone said...

nice one this is...really deep..applies to everyone equally lady or guy..
...thnak for share.. :)

Lady A said...

@BWBTT, I wish you could speak to some of my desperate friends wanting to get married. Mos def, a ministry that requires God's grace, also very rewarding.
@Simeone, thanks, you are right. I was suppose to put that it applies to male or female. I'll do it now.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that...I am so glad that we got the chance to talk on some of my issues and Im clear on most things now.

You r so sweet hun, cant wait to meet you!

Remi, United Kingdom said...

Word! True dat...
I believe this applies to both men and women... ditto @ Simeone.

When the husband / wife and family comes along there might not be enough time to "fully charge" the spiritual battery to start with. there might just be enough time for 'top ups".

Also, as a single person, when one is in tune with God, during the marriage, I believe it is that solid relationship that will help see the woman /man through.

I mean when the kids are in bed, husband / wife is asleep and she's / he's got a million and one things on her / his mind, who else can she/he speak to? The one person who is never too busy to listen or help - only if a solid relationship or foundation has already been built.

Great post...
Have a great week :-) x

Lady A said...

@Oyin, you are mad cool! We'll probably meet up this summer hopefully.
@Remi, girl, that was excellent! You hit several topics that I will be posting about too. So important for parties to be fully charged up and filled in Christ. That way, they are enjoying the overflow.

Kemi said...

I love your blog and especially appreciate this blog. it was really helpful and truthful so thanks for sharing.