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Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Do's And Don'ts Of Valentine's Day

1. Don't go on a date just because it's Valentine's Day. Don't allow the pressures of Valentine's Day cause you to make a desperate decision. If he's not your type or you're simply settling for the sake of having a date on Valentine's, cancel and take yourself out! Your time and your life are too precious to waste on anyone that doesn't qualify for your time and space.

*The Heart of Friendship-Join a few friends of your other single girlfriends for dinner, the comedy club, or a pamper party.
*Will I be my Valentine? Use this as an opportunity to do a special makeover for yourself or pamper you with a pedicure or spa treatment.
*Heart Donor-Take the evening and go over to the Children's Hospital and read books or do a puppet show for children who are suffering from heart conditions. This small donation will mean the world to a child who's clinging on to their heart and hope.
*Spend the evening on that special hobby of yours or doing that "thing" that you've always wanted to do but never got around to it.

2. Don't use this Valentine's Day to go to the movies, boring! Instead get creative:

*Icicle Hearts! Okay, you haven't been on skates since you were 6 years old and your date can barely walk on two feet; but ice skating can bring out a whole 'notha' adventure in you that you never knew existed.
*Heart on a Roller Coaster! It's amazing fun and guess what? It doesn't cost a thing: Snow sledding! Before you say no, this frosty treat is a sure heartbeat! Grab a sled board or card board box and you and your Valentine will roll down that hill in laughter! I promise you that by the time you get down that hill, you'll be racing back up for another round.
*Recipe for Love! Everyone's going out to dinner and the restaurant will be packed with at least a 2-hour wait! Call the Culinary Arts School in your area and schedule a 1-hour cooking class for two. You and your valentine can become chefs for the evening and learn how to prepare a new dish and then enjoy the masterpiece you've created! Bon' appetite!

3. Don't break your heart! Or your Father's. The worst thing you can do is have sex with someone who has not paid the price to have your heart through marriage. As a single person, when you have sex, you open your heart, your body, and your spirit to damage, leaving it broken and bruised. Besides, giving up yourself in exchange for a dinner and a movie is literally selling yourself cheap! You are worth more than that; let your date know that you are not up for sale; that cupid doesn't decide who you give your heart and your body to, but God does and you are not willing to break His heart when He's paid such a high price to have you. Keep your heart and your body pure. Leave sex for a night more special than Valentine's Day: your honeymoon!

*Do wear a pretty dress but keep it on.
It's nothing wrong will making yourself pretty for the evening and putting on a splash of perfume and smile for dinner with your Valentine, but date with your clothes on! Don't allow heavy petting and "sexual outer course" to be on the menu tonight. Don't kid yourself into believing that you'll stop there and won't go "all the way." Heavy petting is nothing more than sexual foreplay that prepares you for sex. Reserve these intimacies for the only thing that can handle and contain such power: marriage. Besides, the most attractive, most powerful woman knows how to make love with her clothes on. The essence of true lovemaking and intimacy is developed emotionally and spiritually.

*Do set clear boundaries that will safeguard and protect you from the "oops, I don't know how I ended up sleeping with him". "Oops" is nothing more than a lack of preparation or planning to succeed in sexual purity. Letting dinner end too late or allowing him to come in your home late at night after dinner is an accident waiting to happen. Everyone knows that the night time is the "right time". The body is at a disadvantage the later it gets and doesn't have the full strength to make wise decisions like it could at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Plan against the late night trap. If you fail to plan, you are planning to sexually fail. Make this Valentine's Day an enjoyable one that honors and upholds your values, your integrity, and your faith.

Dr. Ty Adams


The poets voice ~~~ said...

There's lot to learn here, so glad i stumbled onto your blog.
It's a shame that some people don't know their value and they break their father's heart without even knowing.

But i thank God that He is just and merciful and ready to forgive. HIS unconditional love surpasses all!

Lady A said...

@Poet, Amen...well said!

Writefreak said...

I like your no 2 tip...well said!
Thanks for stopping by