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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Loving When It Hurts

Did you know God expects you to love others unconditionally, even if they've hurt you? I know loving someone who has hurt you is hard; however, it's what God expects, which is why He has deposited His love in your heart. God's love gives you the ability to love the unlovable. His love gives you the power to love through hurt, pain, and any other circumstances your normal love would not be able to withstand.

Let's face it, hurt is a very real part of life. Everyone has experienced hurt at some point. However, it's important not to allow hurt to cause you to become bitter, or prevent you from loving others. Although it may temporarily feel good to stop loving someone who has hurt you, it will eventually lead to heartache, unanswered prayer, and ultimately, destruction; which is why God commands us, above all else, to never stop loving.

Did you know every law in God's Kingdom works by love? Your prosperity, healing, and deliverance, are all directly affected by your ability to love. God is love, and His power to prosper, heal, and deliver you operates in the circle of love. When you operate outside that circle, you put yourself in a position where God, who is love, cannot help you. Learning how to heal and forgive so you can stay in the circle of love, is vital to receiving the wonderful things God has for you.

Maybe you've been hurt by a dear friend, or treated unfairly by a close relative. Either way, you've got a life—altering choice to make—either deal with your pain in a godly manner and continue to walk in love, or allow negative emotions to consume you, and ultimately destroy your life. The choice is yours!

When you choose to walk in love, you position yourself to experience the power of God in every area of your life. He has the power to heal you of all hurt, and free you from the pain associated with it. However, you have to believe and trust Him to not only heal you, but also restore everything you've lost.

God is faithful to His Word. Make a decision today, that regardless of what it takes, you will love others unconditionally. You'll be glad you did!
— Dr. Creflo A. Dollar

Scripture references:
Mark 11:25
James 5:16
1 Corinthians 13
Psalm 35:27
Luke 10:19
Ephesians 6:12
Romans 5:5


Dabizniz said...

I so needed to read this message


Lady A said...

No problem!

simeone said...

unconditional love - we cannot over-flog...cos it seems to be scarce these days..
thanks for sharing..

Lady A said...

@Simeone,I know, it does seems scarce, however we are responsible for ourselves and actions. I choose to walk in love, not easy but I try.

sunnyside said...

U must be a pastor. . . Lovely msg

Lady A said...

@Sunnyside, ha, I'm so not a pastor, lol. However, I am a messenger...didn't write that article, Creflo Dollar did...now he's a pastor.
Thanks, happy readings!

Anonymous said...

Unconditional love?
We (man) can never be loved as he would love to,,, i think God created that vacuum for a reason

Lady A said...

@Ttolla, I totally understand where you are coming from. It is our job to love unconditional and if we feel that we can't, then we just need to ask for more of His grace. We are more then conqueors, the head and not the tail. If we couldn't love uncondionally, then the Lord would have never instructed us to do it. I hope I read your comment right.

It's not easy, heck, it's a process in itself, but it can be done. Trust me, I know!