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Friday, November 20, 2009

Making Peace With Your Past

Many Christian singles can’t get over the past. Several years back, I went on a Christian singles retreat, where the topic at hand was making peace with your past. Christian single after Christian single shared their sad stories of how a bad past experience, a soured relationship or a sexual sin had held them back from living victoriously in the present.
Although many Christian singles there that weekend desired a serious dating relationship leading toward a Christian marriage, few were even in a relationship, unable to get over the pain and fears that were actually keeping them single.

God’s Plan for Christian Singles

God’s plan for His dear children (Christian singles included) is that they lead abundant and joyful lives. In truth, however, some Christian singles walk defeated, unfulfilled lives. If you are one of those Christian singles today who is having a difficult time making peace with your past, take cheer! There IS hope for you.
The steps I learned on that retreat about “getting over” my past issues, I share with you:

Face Your Past and Leave it There

As Christian singles, this often means asking forgiveness if you’ve hurt someone, including God, or granting forgiveness if you’ve been the victim. Forgiveness is a wonderful healing salve that not only allows us to face our past honestly, but help us bring emotional closure, and move on. They key is Forgiveness and Forgiving arechoices Christian singles have to make. No one can force it on you. That’s a hard lesson, ain’t it?

Share With Others

That was the whole purpose of our Christian singles weekend. Sharing with others in a safe setting like a Christian singles group helps you keep perspective and can be very encouraging at the same time.

Believe God’s Promises

The Bible tells us that we can do all things through Christ, our risen Saviour. He wants to renew our spirits with His precious Holy Spirit, and helps us leave the past behind. The issue is whether or not we believe Him. Our Bible Verse of the day is found in Philipians 3:13,14:

“Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, 14 I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God has called me heavenward, through Christ Jesus."


Sugarking said...

This is deep! thanx!

Maggie said...

Amazingly, I've stumbled upon this post after writing an email to a friend re: how to know if it's safe to pursue a relationship with someone 5 months after ending another one.

I'm moving forward with caution, although my heart feels healed and I wonder if I should let the past stay there. Any thoughts?

Lady A said...

@Sugarking, sorry for the slow response. Thanks!
@Maggie, I would take it very and I do mean very slow even though your heart may seemed healed. As time goes on, certain things (hurt, bad memories, etc..) might crop back up in your heart in the new relationship. No luggage from past relationship. Not fair for the next good guy. Yes, let the past be the past and stay there. When the times comes for another relationship, start with a refresh new mind. Good, you are moving forward with caution. If you see any signs of fear, doubt, hurt, in your heart (regardless of how they may manifest), then back off, retreat, and get it together. Again, take your time, you don't wanna ruin a possible good thing. Thanks for reading!


"Face your past and leave it there"

Indeed. Thank you for that reminder, it never gets old.

How are things? Happy Thanks giving!!!!


Lady A said...

@SolomonSydelle, Hey sweetie! Thanks! You also have a wonderful, safe, fun Thanksgiving as well.

Anonymous said...

nice post